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The only True Specialists in Laptop/Desktop Repairs on the Coast!

General Repairs
Virus Scan & Removal plus a Tune-up $85.00
Windows Operating System Repair $85.00
Laptop new screen replacement $199.00 - $320.00
New hard drive and reinstall / data transfer $240.00
Reinstall / Data transfer from $65.00
Ram replacement/upgrade from $49.00
Keyboard replacement $99.00 - $149.00


Pick up and delivery service or we can come to you.

Many companies outsource and send away their customers products for repair. Here at Campus Computers we have a line up of qualified technicians that repair your products On-Site!

Laptops are complex by nature and make up 90% of total repairs completed by our service department. We have an intricate understanding of the problems these complex machines can have.

Due to our specialist knowledge with Laptops, we find Desktop Repairs a much simpler task!

Best of all we appreciate how important your computer is to you. Your photos, assigments, and business files are as important to us as they are to you. We back up your data to ensure we can recover as much as possible. On those occasions that your data has been lost, a Data Recovery Service is also available to you.

Furthermore, we have an average turnaround time of 24 hours, with many computers being repaired Same Day. We understand how critical data can be and we strive to ensure the fastest turn around possible

We are a preferred repairer among many Gold Coast businesses. However, being primarily a student service provider, we are a favourite among students as well.

No need to book a time for your computer, bring the computer in to us anytime and we will get to work. Remember, the quicker you get it to us, the quicker you get it back!


Need some more Ram? Larger Hard Drive? Maybe you need a Wireless card? Even if you need your old computer overhauled we can help! Our on site technicians can ensure you get the fastest and best customer service experience you've ever had.




Quick Contact Information

In Person: Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 4.30 pm

Phone: (07) 5552 8510

Email: admin@campuscomputers.net